Garden Mountain Joint Stock Company.
- Business license number: 420300100
- Tax code: 5800502914 
- Established on 25/10/2006.

* The scale of the factory :

- Surface total square 10.000m2

With :
- Factory = 6000 m2.
- Cold Storage 1500 m3

* Farms and packing factory : Area 50 hectares is product with organic technology.

* Address: Km N.6, Highway 27, An Tinh village, Duc Trong district,  Lam Dong province .

*  Geographical location: 
- The altitude : 1200 m above sea level.
- The average temperature : 18°C to 25°C, the average rainfall : 2000-3000mm. Dry season from September to April and drain 
season from May to October which is favorable for growing a variety of vegetables all year round.

From 2012, Vien Son Corporation was the construction of agricultural processing plant scale 5000 tons / year. Products ISO 2000:2005

* Garden Mountain JSC has been produced vegetables to supply the market with product criteria is : The products is fresh, hygienic and clean  safety for consumers. safe and hygiene Product with standards Viet GAP toward GLOBAL GAP on further. Vegetables of the company has exported to the difficult markets like Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, the company is moving toward the U.S. and Europe.

- Garden Mountain JSC technical staff and workers have many years experience in agricultural production especially in vegetable production.

*  Each year Garden Mountain exported :
- Sweet potato about 3000 tons.
- Fresh vegetable about 500 tons.

*  Domestic consumption:
- Sweet potato about 1500 tons
- Fresh vegetable: about 1000 tons.

* Exported Market: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and some countries in Southeast Asia.

* Domestic market :  Supplying to  the processing manufactuerer for export to Japanese market such as Asuzac,  Dalat Japan Food, Green Home, Oriental Lion,. . and our company provides a large amount of vegetables for local supermarkets such as Metro cash & carry, Co-opmart, .. and many local restaurants.

- Production by modern lines

- With packing, vacuum, refrigerator technology from the U.S., workers are trained professionals, and with technical production processes ensure sterile such as labor protection, water disinfection, quarantine specific areas for the production of raw materials to finished products ...

 Vien Son guarantee to provide to customers the products with fresh vegetables and safety hygiene.