The scale of the factory:

 - Total space 10,000 m2 campus


- Factory = 2000 m2.
- Cold Storage 600 m3
- With the current acreage could expand the plant further 3000 m2

- Production by modern lines

From 2012, Vien Son Corporation was the construction of agricultural processing plant scale 5000 tons / year. Products ISO 2000:2005

- With packing, vacuum, refrigerator technology from the U.S., workers are trained professional technicians with the manufacturing process ensures a sterile system with special items such as toilet labor protection, water disinfection, quarantine areas for the production of raw materials to finished products and post-inspection ...


- Garden Mountain Joint Stock Company guarantee to provide to customers products with vegetable safety and hygiene.
- Exports: 3000 tons of potato / year
- The market of Southeast Asia, Japan