Established since 2006, Garden Mountain Joint stock Company (Viên Sơn) has grown up steadily. Products from Garden Mountain are now highly appreciated in both domestic and export markets. With such impetus of the company, Garden Mountain continues investing in international standard equipment for product processing and production. The company is applying ISO 22000:2005 standard in processing and preservation.
Garden Mountain’s products are step by step penetrating into Japanese and European markets. The next goal is to conquer the markets in North America such as the USA, Canada.
With the business objective of creating quality for products to guarantee the health of consumers, the company carries along with their operation the slogan:
“Garden Mountain – Quality food for better life”

Garden Mountain will become a leading company in Vietnam with high quality vegetable production and processing to satisfy the demands of high class domestic market and export to difficult markets such as Japan, Europe and North America.

Garden Mountain brings to its customers fresh, safety and high quality agricultural products which are processed with international modern equipment, advanced technology and under international standard like ISO 22000:2005.
Core Values:

1. Safe, fresh and quality products are the purpose and value that Garden Mountain perseveres in performing;
2. Customers are at the center of the business. The success of the company is from customer’s intelligence and we promise to bring to customers products with the perfect quality and great values;
3. Improvement in life standard and insurance of justice and promotion for staffs and workers are among objectives of Garden Mountain;
4. Benefits of customers, counterparts, farmers network and community are ensured to build up and promote a sustainable and protected environment agricultural sector.  

1.  To supply agricultural products produced and processed in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 standards;
2.  To build up and preserve the prestige through taking strong and strict commitments and agreements on purchase and sale contracts with counterparts and customers;
3. To fulfill consistent objectives of improving living standard and ensuring the justice and promotion for staffs and workers of Garden Moutain.